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    Video of travelling Hoi An, Viet Nam

    The video will suggest through your schedule to travel to Hoi An, as well as a few pictures of Hoi An through short films that Mark Boywer had the opportunity to record in Da Nang, Hoi An . Hopefully this video will help you to Hoi An to better feel the peace and simplicity of Union Street.

    Well come to you with tour guides of travel ajc explore this wonderful old city.

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    • 599 days ago
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    Rare moments of Afghanistan through manipulator of American photographer

    Is not unfamiliar names with the world photographer, Steve McCurry traveling to distant lands to record the image size tranquility. Remains for the moment considered strenuous, grappling with life's labor to survive. Afghanistan has a pop-up like that.

      Steve McCurry, American photographer born in Philadelphia. Since becoming the ...

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    The most impressive fireworks in 2016

    Happy New Year 2016 holidays have ended, people around the world joyfully return to work with full energy. To further increase your motivation for the excitement of the early days of this year, travelajc.info summarize spectacular fireworks all the world on the vibrant music scene to welcome this spring. 

    Invite you to enjoy this video:   So,Do you have to feel great and impressed yet? In this new year, We welcome to you  contract with us to know more useful information for your upcoming trips offline. Thank you for watching video

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    Why should you  visit to Vietnam nowadays?

    You learned about Vietnam, or you've heard someone mention Vietnam but in a historical aspect in the last few decades? Vietnam in recent years has become one destination attractive to tourists in the region and worldwide. You are wondering whether you should choose to travel in Vietnam?

    Please watch and listen to a few brief about the country and people of Vietnam in the video below to get more accurate information. In the video is all the highlights of ...

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    Hello Ha Long Bay

    Kyo York, a American singer loves the country and people of Viet nam, has dedicated music fans an introduction video Ha long Bay music scene song Hello Vietnam. With gentle emotional tone and the natural beauty was noted more good impression for visitors to learn about the Ha long Bay and Viet nam.

    If you want to learn more about the Halong Bay tour, please continue to monitor our travelajc.info page for more useful information.

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    A Christmas song for children

    Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 is closer and, in this bustling atmosphere nothing short of vibrant melodies familiar. Whatever you do, how so busy, sick or healthy, happy or sad and is everywhere, enjoy the holidays meaningful and joyful childlike offline.

    This is a song that my son likes the most of christmas songs. Reindeer Pokey Christmas Song Lyrics and Actions:

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     Little Pigs and a bad Woft

    A short animated film based on the story of three little cute pigs and 1 bad wolf has attracted a lot of young children. Three little Pigs are lovely with each different character and think but finally unite against a bad wolf.

    The film tells about the construction of his house every little pig with materials and different ways, through which help the children to draw lessons about hard work and accomplishments when spent at work.

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    You will always win with 10 more bets

    There are many small blisters in life help you find a lot of fun but also brought smiles and excitement for everyone. Now We enjoy one of Richard Wiseman videos to share about this offline.

    Surely you feel pretty surprised with the tricks are shared above right. Hope you will like and support the following video of us. Thank for watching Video of Travel ajc   ...

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