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Today, travel ajc introduce about the interesting things about the countries in the European Union. Museum of broken love, which owns the world's most beautiful and smallest city or pizza originated from the home of the mafia is the interesting thing about the countries situated in the European Union.

Zagreb - The broken love museum - is many visitors rated as Europe's strange. Here, visitors will admire all things related to good memories of the couples that split up when they were donated to the museum. Photo: Archinect - travel information.

Sweden's friendliest people in Europe. This is the first country in the world to introduce their own phone number (The Swedish Number). Just call +46771793336, visitors will be connected to a random Swedes, in any place in this country and you can talk to them about anything you want.

If you want to eat the most delicious dessert, go to the Netherlands, especially in Den Bosch. Here, tourists call Bossche Bol dish (large cream cake covered chocolate coins), surely you will not regret this decision. Photo: Eetsmakelijk.

Europe is the "home" of the smallest cities in the world. Durbuy Belgium is a good example. Photo: Visitbelgium.

Pizza originated in Naples not, it originates from Sicily, Italy. Photo: Magic4walls.

Bordeaux is the wine capital of the world, has about 8,000 wine producers focus here.

You can experience life in Vienna by the royal summer palace Hapsburg opened and guests can rent the room The Schönbrunn. According to the introduction of the guides, Bed and Breakfast is no different here at Buckingham Palace.


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