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Hawaii is not only the place of attachment to life's US President but also familiar accommodation of Brack Obama's family. Along with Travel ajc discover great beauty that nature bestowed Hawaii.

President Obama was born and raised in Honolulu island of the Hawaiian Islands, US. This is not just sticking place during childhood but also a tourist destination resort family favorite president. Every year, the White House family boss also spent time resting at the family's villa, usually around Christmas. Photo: hdnux

Mr. Obama has said: "I always proud to be born in Hawaii". Owned islands paradise beaches, clear water, there are large waves suitable for recreational activities such as surfing on the sea, swimming ... there is abundant flora and fauna, are known Wonderland is the mid-Pacific. Photo: 4bp.blogspot.com

In addition to the beautiful coast, Hawaii also suitable for devotees climbing maze that Obama is one of them. In the picture, US President climb base when Koko Head, southeast of the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Photo: Instagram

He once shared, nowhere can bring to their environment, the air as here, where he is always greeted like returning home. "Certainly Hawaii will always exist in my part my soul, the best thing in my messages are associated with the tradition of Hawaii," the White House said owners. Photo: Thenypost

Dish famous rainbow shaved ice, and to dispel the summer heat in Hawaii, is one of the favorite dishes of the family. Photo: mcclatchydc

One other favorite activities in the hometown of Obama's golf. Every time he returned to Hawaii spend time campaigning in golf familiar, full of terrain like mountains, the sea, are ideal for those who are passionate about this subject. Photo: mcclatchydc

North Shore Oahu Island: Obama is a favorite place to surf. These are places where the waves roll high, feels very "have", especially in winter. Photo: villavillas

Waipio Valley: the other is called the Valley of the Kings, where there are trails leading up the towering cliffs make this place become very famous unconsolidated majestic beauty juggernaut Hawaiian Islands. Photo: wiki

Waikoloa, big Island: the resort standards, comfort, luxury at Waikoloa is a family familiar to the general and heads of service by a private space, isolated. They will not be bothered by the crowd. Playing golf here is also rated as the most ideal. Guests can drive from here to the top of Mauna Kea, where the famous stargazing. Photo: Cntraveler

Barking Sands, Kauai: gentle coastline, like emerald blue waters, is one of the destinations most dramatic and romantic in the archipelago. Not far from here is the military base, provide the necessary safeguards for the President. Photo: Huffington Post

Oprah's Ranch, Maui: resorts with an area of ​​nearly 70,000 m2 owned by MC Oprah Winfrey in Kula, Maui is known for pastures green, the fields of lavender fragrance, brings feeling relaxed travelers visitors to Hawaii. This favorite place Lady Michelle Obama. Photo: Forbes

Molokai: the area has many high cliffs, steep just before the sea, where pristine beaches and gorgeous, is home to only 8,000 people it will help you avoid the noise. Photo: traveltoparadise

The interior of the house to stay is one of the family's getaway President Obama in Hawaii, this resort has a separate design, there are 6 private pools. Photo: Huffington Post


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