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    Tourists to Quy Nhon spike,

    Tourists to Quy Nhon spike, "fire" in hotel room - according to travel ajc. Only in the first 6 months of 2016, arrivals Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh) more than 1.65 million passengers, up 30% compared to the same period of 2015. In particular, international visitors reached 119 thousand, up 18% many hotels "fire" room.

    Tourists to Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh spike - Travel ajc.  

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    Booking hotel room to receive preferential tickets 'Love Songs of Lam Phuong'

    Travel ajc: Booking hotel room to receive preferential tickets 'Love Songs of Lam Phuong' Guests receive incentives of up to 25% of the fare in the concert "Love Song Lam Phuong" in Singapore to book hotels through Quintessentially Vietnam.

    Quintessentially Lifestyle Co. Twelve and Vietnam organized the program "Love Song Lam Phuong," in theaters Resorts World Theatre - which used to be the stage for the top musicals in Singapore as ...

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    Traveler was rejected for rent a room for being transgender

    "Traveler was rejected for rent a room for being transgender" - Miss Petosky Shadi exchange with travel ajc. The landlord refused to rent transgender female guests rooms for fear of the psychological impact on his son who puberty.

      The new work is shared on Twitter 6/6 days. Petosky Shadi, 42, Americans who love to travel. She worked as write comics and is a manufacturer of TV show in Hollywood. Previously Shadi was a man but made gender ...

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    Hawaii - familiar accommodation of President Obama's family

    Hawaii is not only the place of attachment to life's US President but also familiar accommodation of Brack Obama's family. Along with Travel ajc discover great beauty that nature bestowed Hawaii.

    President Obama was born and raised in Honolulu island of the Hawaiian Islands, US. This is not just sticking place during childhood but also a tourist destination resort family favorite president. Every year, ...

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    Luxurious Vacation as Hollywood star

    If you've dreamed of once being on vacation in places like Hollywood star, Koh Samui - Thailand is one of the ideal destinations. Travel ajc would like to introduced a few highlights of the star class resort for readers.

    Koh Samui is really a great choice to stay and experience the rest of the time period you and your family. Samujana is a famous villa nestled ...

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    Inside the hotel 3 times to welcome the US President in HCM city

    US President George H W Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush are selected to HCM City New World Saigon Hotel as stopover to stay during his visit.

      This is the only hotel in Vietnam had been an honor to welcome three ...

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    Hotels in Singapore with gold decoration

    Want inspiring space for art or learn history but still like shopping, visitors can not miss the hotel as Vagabond, Amoy or Wanderlust.

    See more  What's inside the hotel trade worth 30.000 billion? Boutique hotel is a line of distinctive style with an area not too wide, but make the right impression with ...

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    Guests resents found money in the hotel

    Picked up 10,000 yuan (35 million) under the pillow in a 3 star hotel but Chinese tourists extremely angry.

      The safest place in the hotel / ship more than 100 years old become luxurious hotels 27/3 days, Mr. ...

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    What's inside the hotel trade worth 30.000 billion?

    Located in Macau's gambling mecca, super hotel The 13 is one of the most luxurious buildings in the world with an investment cost of up to 1.4 billion dollars.

    One of the most spectacular super hotel, bringing together 200 suites, butler service with 24/24, with construction costs amounted to 1.4 billion dollars. Guests to this resort will enjoy every convenience services: Rolls-Royce Phantom with chauffeur to take the airport shuttle, butler serving a full-time ...

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    Toilet worth $ 40,000 only use in one night in Cambodia

    Premium toilet building at the lake Yaklom, Cambodia totaling $ 40,000 to serve the Princess of Thailand and will be lifted when the visit ended on 24/2.

      The visit of the Princess of Thailand has caused a controversy because $ 40,000 was spent to build a luxury toilet Laom Yeak lake, Ratanakiri province. This is the most famous tourist destinations Cambodia and where Maha Chakri Sirindhorn ...

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