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How to travel abroad without good English?

How to travel abroad without good English, to share the secret? It is a concern of many people, we would like to answer your question as follows:

Make a list of basic words

You should prepare yourself for a list of some of the words commonly used to communicate while traveling, such as: "I am a traveler, let me ask the way ..." "There are no buses to ... .No, How much? "or" specialty fine food in ... "....

According to the experience of foreign tourists did not know English when you should be aware, there are many questions related to your trip, to avoid the "drawer" and quickly forget it's best to learn these words by topic such as: eating, traveling to locations, car rental, price, hotel ... You have a list of questions related to those topics and learning before.

kinh nghiệm du lịch nước ngoài khi không biết tiếng Anh

Make a list of basic words

Can be expressed by "body language"

Most indigenous people in the foreign tourist destinations are very enthusiastic travelers, maybe they do not speak English well but when you describe them can understand. Since these are common things for them, visitors often ask for addresses, hotels or cafes. Therefore, if you do not know English, do not hesitate to use his gesture to ask offline.

Kinh nghiệm du lịch nước ngoài

Do not be afraid to speak English wrong when llich foreign tourists

Go along to other friends

Go along to other friends

When you encounter a well traveled person like yourself can not speak English fluently or better, you should not hesitate to make known this, because it will help you a lot. When traveling abroad, and many people who are not fluent in English will help you avoid unwanted risks and together find the most appropriate solution.

Do not be afraid to say the wrong, say what you want

You should make the most of their language and say what they want to express, although you could question wrong grammar or vocabulary problems, but the natives still understand the content of your questions you. Afraid I say wrong English when communicating and not dare say is a serious mistake and common learning English.

Precautions for the worst case scenario

Đề phòng cho những tình huống xấu nhất

Precautions for the worst case scenario

In cases of pickpockets, get lost or "tight guillotine" ... the note when traveling abroad. If you do not speak much English but encountered these cases you need to pay attention to bring essential items such as:


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