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If you are climbing enthusiasts, usually discover the rugged terrain, you certainly master 5 secrets for a safe climb. Travel ajc suggest you know breath control, regulate body temperature with altitude or aid the injured ... are all necessary skills before each climb.

Learn about mountain

Here is his share Nguyen Trong Tu, administrator of the page Go Trekking popular in the community who likes hiking in Vietnam. Anh Tu ever conquer Fansipan many high mountains, Pu Ta Leng, Phu Si Lung, Moc Bai Liang Tu, Su Van Khang, Lien Ta ...Learn about mountain

The necessary information on topography, altitude, weather and the local culture where the mountain is what you should do your homework. You can learn about the mountain via multiple sources like books, newspapers, internet and experience from their predecessors. All will give you an initial overview of where to take careful consideration before deciding to step on the journey.

Climbing is both a form of tourism is both a risky sport. Photo: Older Cats

Preparation of health, psychology

Unlike traveling or away phượt normal motorcycle. Climbing is a very hard job, it is not for those with weak physical or psychological instability. A good fitness will help you trip safe and less tired before the high slopes or the sudden change of weather. Psychological stability, identify hard that he was going to undergo firm also help you overcome the difficulties on the way to conquer the peak.

Prepare necessary luggage

Climbing a mountain may take a day, or several days, depending altitude. Mountain road travel in the harsh environment forces you to carefully prepare the necessary luggage.

You should equip yourself with the following items: a high neck climbing shoes and good friction; raincoat that keeps warm; Small flashlight and a good match; backpack containing personal documents and electronic items such as phones, cameras; personal medical bag to some medications and first aid supplies; small knife or a versatile kits; Personal tents; gloves, hat and hiking sticks. It should be noted that all of the items carry are weatherproof, by dense forests and mountains are always damp and you can also expect rain suddenly.

Covering friction and good is "haunting" of each climber. Photo: fujitravelguide

Bring some snacks easy storage and transportation, such as chocolate, fried foods, bottle C effervescent, energy drinks ... They are essential for the base when you get the strength to go forward.

Take the organization

This is something that those who intend climbers need special attention. Climbing is a long journey full of difficulties and challenges. Whether you are a person with many years of experience or a beginner, the climbers are not allowed to see and do it alone. Because, to follow and adhere to the regulations of the organization or a porter (natives led the way) experience will help you have a safe journey and more efficient.

You should also learn about the porter or guide her. A good porter and local knowledge will help you a lot in the journey to conquer the peak.

Life skills preparation

The forest living skills such as walking, working groups, seeking support ... essential for climbers. The understanding of breath control when climbing, regulate body temperature when there is a change altitude or know some first aid injuries such as scratches or damage having limbs, cramps, are bitten ... are things that any climber would need to master. Whether you're traveling with a group or alone, these life skills always get you the best treatment and overcome the difficulties in case of necessity.


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