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    Elephant knocked over car because visitors honked loudly

    Elephant knocked over car because visitors honked loudly. An angry elephant and attacked cars guests inside honk making it startled.

    The incident took place in Maputo Game sanctuary, Mozambique, when the Spanish tourists to drive around Rudie Swanepoel. An elephant in the reserve have left herd walking towards cars, it looked inside the car and waved ear. Instead of sitting quietly, Rudie Swanepoel cars honking loudly again to chase the animal, according ...

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     The world's busiest tours

    The world's busiest tours. Italy and the ancient building is one of the points to get more attention and booking tour from international tourists.

      Viator, specialized travel site, today announced the tour attracts many customers in the world. This list is based on the number of international visitors tour on electronic applications and on the web. Accordingly, the Vatican is where it gets ...

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    Jacaranda mimosifolia paradise in the heart of South Africa

    See- do: Jacaranda mimosifolia paradise in the heart of South Africa. In the days of spring, Pretoria city filled a soft purple of phoenix trees along tens of thousands of racing excellence.

    Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, it still carries the name '' phoenix purple flower city "with tens of thousands of trees were planted around the corner, roads, parks or gardens. ...

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    5 secrets for a safe climb

    If you are climbing enthusiasts, usually discover the rugged terrain, you certainly master 5 secrets for a safe climb. Travel ajc suggest you know breath control, regulate body temperature with altitude or aid the injured ... are all necessary skills before each climb.

    Learn about mountain Here is his share Nguyen Trong Tu, administrator of the page Go Trekking popular in the community who likes hiking in Vietnam. Anh Tu ever conquer Fansipan many high mountains, Pu Ta ...

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    The most 10 beautiful moutain trails in the world

    The most 10 beautiful moutain trails in the world which Travel ajc introduce to you today. The trails have both rugged natural beauty and there are dramatic challenges.

    Pipipai in Hawaii and the Azores in Portugal is the most beautiful mountain trails in the world, and is the favorite destination of the passengers to see and do.

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    In May, traveling to pick Moc Chau's Plums, Viet Nam

    On these days, if you visit Moc Chau, you'll stupor with plum garden untouched, ripe fruit, twigs laden with fruits. Let's backpack up and went to see - do with the wonders of nature here and enjoy the season's plum in Moc Chau.

    o get to the plum growing hills, comes from the town center of Moc Chau Farm (Moc Chau, Son La), go towards displacement on Lap 20 km from. On his way to ...

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    1 afternoon break in Da Nang

    Continuing a travel day in Da Nang, Travel ajc would suggest visiting danang schedule enjoy scenery in the afternoon and evening to you.

    13: 00-15: 00 - Take a look around Da Nang City Centre After lunch, you can around the downtown area for a day in Da Nang, this joy can not be ignored. If interested in culture and architecture and art of Champa, one place which ...

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    Da Nang tourism in 1 day: What to eat? What to play?

    Da Nang is a coastal city in the central region of our country and the city reached the Tops of the most liveable cities in Southeast Asia thanks to favorable natural conditions, infrastructure, good policies and environmental legislation friendly habitat. Therefore, in recent years, Da Nang has been increasingly attracting more tourists, both local visitors and foreign visitors want to come here once. And when they who came here once, mostly want to return more many times to feel every breath of this young city.

    Travel ajc with this article we hope you can spend 1 day with Danang Tourism by yourself, from most of the attractive points to the most friendly, not only with the eyes of a tourist.  

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    The tents are so hot for the tourist season 30/4

    Wooden huts, roofed with palm leaves located beachfront destination is becoming the most sought-after next summer by unique design and close to nature.

    See more " 5 new destinations for sweet honeymoon">>  

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    Backpacking Myanmar 6 days with only 6 million

    Go Myanmar for the first time you should travel in groups, wear trousers when entering temples and apartments now be careful not to miss flights because some roads may be stuck in traffic.

      See more I go travel over the wolrd 

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