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The most expensive noodles mixed gold in the world  which Travel ajc introduce you. Although noodle bowl only very few fiber, but it comes materials 24 karat gold leaf, truffles, Kobe beef ... has led to a dish in a restaurant Koa (US) cost 'heaven '.

Koa, a Japanese restaurant in the Flatiron, Manhattan, America was introduced to the guests a bowl of noodles "superior" to the ridiculous price: 180 USD. The reason for this ramen bowl with such a high price because it is combined with Kobe beef, truffles and served with rare pieces of 24-karat gold leaf. The broth is cooked pork, chicken, shrimp, scallops and seaweed dried Konbu.

Ramen noodle soup served with scrumptious Kobe beef, mushroom and yellow leaves 24 carat truffe. Photo: Recipejournals.

Is so expensive, diners have to register before 6 hours to enjoy. However, the restaurant manager also adds diners come here do not necessarily have to eat -drink pasta bowl with $ 180. They can still call a normal ramen bowl, with $ 10 at noon, and 14 dollars for dinner.

Bowl of noodles US $ 180 value. Photo: Recipejournals.

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