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Cool flavor of ice cup tofu, spicy dried beef salad spicy dish or bowl aromatic fatty smell out long would make your evening is not boring.


Here are suggestions for snacks you should not missed in Saigon.
Tofu ice
Tofu dish which is one familiar to many people, especially young people, the culinary soul can not ignore this attractive dish.

Here are suggestions for snacks you should not missed in Saigon.

Tofu ice

Tofu dish which is one familiar to many people, especially young people, the culinary soul can not ignore this attractive dish.



In hot weather of Saigon arcade, ice cup tofu will help you cooling and energized for a new week. Photo: vietbao

In ancient times, tofu typically draw from the pot still hot, add some water chan sugar, ginger slices to be usable. Currently many people add ice, coconut milk to eat more comfort food. Scented soy combined with the fat of coconut milk, sweet candy bar, more stones feels cool to enjoy. Price per cup of tofu about 6,000 to 10,000.

Wipe the Insolvency

This is a familiar snacks are often sold in the alleys of Saigon. Break Gets includes soft pieces of tripe, fatty aromatic taste. Leaf bags, tripe, honeycomb, liver and deed are the most popular types of dishes.


The street shops, where these young people come to enjoy this dish. Here, you can eat and talk comfortably with friends or watching the bustling street. Photo: Phong Vinh

Cup marinated tripe tough five-spice powder, add crispy coconut broth made from tamarind sauce tinged spicy will awaken your taste buds. Bankruptcy usually wipe the spot with bread. Also, you can share with noodles to taste changes. One cup down from 10,000 to 15,000 VND Gets.

Crab soup

Crab soup dish is light and suitable for all ages, usually found in the market, the burden on road goods or snack area. Crab soup made from flour cooked with crab meat puree, is the seller of the cup draw from still-hot skillet, then sprinkle with pepper, scallions laksa leaves and fragrant.


Crab soup hot belly with blue eye out of scallions, red measurement of shrimp, pepper aroma from these will make you not remove from broth. Photo: Diep Huyen

In addition to the basic ingredients, this dish in many places is added egg or pig brain north draft. Thus, there is a special taste than. However, if you want to enjoy, you have to go early because long pig brain to lose appetite. Price per cup soup range from 10,000 to 20,000.

Dried beef salad

This is one of the typical snacks in Saigon with enough sour, spicy, sweet, fleshy, salty. Devotees of this dish often eaten as puffy as a country always enjoy fully dried beef salad.


Crispy beef salad plate with dried papaya, peanuts, and shrimp chips is one of the many young dish Saigon choose whenever pale mouth. Photo: Mori

Dried beef salad's appeal comes from the sauce with the bitter, spicy papaya permeates every fiber. This is one of the street food never ceases to appeal to the young. Dried beef salad plate price is 18,000 dong.

Beef guise leaves

Grilled beef guise leaves called beef guise leaves, leaf beef. This dish is raw beef guise leaves are processed by the method of baking. When you eat, you will feel the taste greasy blend of marinated beef careful spices combined with a distinct aroma of leaves guise.

It is particularly attractive to make this dish was made to use coal to generate new grill is its characteristic aroma. Leaves smell fragrant charcoal guise inception, while beef inside, thanks to the fat but soft, not dry day.

Most delicious beef guise leaves to reach pm onwards. These books are marinated beef guise leaves charming, not too dry barbecue is served together with noodles, rice paper, salad vegetables, banana, cucumber, sliced ​​and seasoning sauce. You can choose the curb, just sit and eat while watching the streets. Or if you want quiet can choose seats inside alley. Partly beef guise leaves, beef fat around 20,000 to 25,000 VND

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