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According to Travel ajc: During his visit to Vietnam, President Obama stopped by Bun cha No. 24, Le Van Huu Street, Hai Ba Trung District to enjoy one of the specialties of Hanoi.

As soon as US president to believe, the opposite sidewalk shop has hundreds of people waiting. Before the door, inside the shop, many foreign security personnel and Vietnam also closed the entrance stood.

While enjoying food presidency, an international crew of about 10 people approached the security gate for operational consistency. Some people are also invited to shop. Many other people stood in the road proved joy to see the head of the White House to enjoy bun cha, specialties of Vietnam.


Dinner with bun cha and President Obama's beer and Anthony Bourdain cooks only $ 6 (about 130,000). Photo: Instagram.

After the president left, the staff at the bar still seemed moved by the appearance and actions of friendly special guests. "US President finished two power bun cha, drank two bottles of beer," bartender in excited mood recalled.

Earlier, My Linh Tran (21 years old), her students presented flowers and honored to embark President Obama at Noi Bai shared that: "If the president was invited to eat - drink, I would invite Mr. bun cha Hanoi. Vietnam culinary abundance and if to enjoy enough, he would have to spend a lot of time. "


Perfume shop in Union bun cha, where Obama has enjoyed. Photo: diadiemanuong.

Over more than 20 years of existence, bun cha restaurant No. 24 Le Van Huu Huong Lien called no stranger to the people of the capital, especially for those who live around the area Thi Sach Street - Le Van Huu - Ngo Thi Nham. Popular bar with soft patties, sweet and charming individual taste.

In particular, staff at the pub were relatives, is the next generation in a family. Thus, the taste of the dish is completely original as bun cha power decades ago.


Before leaving the shop bun cha, American presidents do not forget to shake hands and thumbs owner expressed interest. Photo: Reuters.

Unlike other shops in the capital city bun cha, sauces in Huong Lien consistent with moderate sweetness, sourness of vinegar gave. Patties probably what makes people remember about this place. Make fried pork lean and fat have both on the same pieces are cooked, so when food does not dry, soft, eat more without feeling tired.

Food will not go round to your taste without sauce, an indispensable component of bun cha. Sauce in the restaurant was very smart mixed with fish sauce, mild vinegar, sugar, water, garlic, chopped fresh chili. Thanks to the ingenuity and traditional recipes of the restaurant to taste the sauce where rare varieties.

When eaten, the disc comes with vermicelli, bun types tangle, microfiber, without crushing the soft disc lettuce, basil neighbors, my smell, perilla is washed. In addition, there are more dishes pickles made from papaya or kohlrabi, carrots trimmed flowers, sliced, pickled food more appealing dish.

Plus point of the restaurant is clean and airy. The space of the restaurant can accommodate groups of visitors. Each bun cha interest here is priced 40,000. Shops selling almost exclusively from late morning and quite crowded at lunchtime. Due to the special guests had eaten up the shop was open till late night.

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