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    Chỉ một buổi tập thể dục cũng có thể có nhiều lợi ích về sức khỏe

    Một nghiên cứu đánh giá mới gần đây của tập đoàn sức khoẻ thể thao M88 đã liệt kê rất nhiều lợi ích sức khỏe chỉ với một lần tập thể dục, còn được gọi là tập thể dục cấp ...

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    Delicious dishes shoutd try in Philippines

    Delicious dishes shoutd try to eat anh drink in Philippines if you have visited. When visitors come to the Philippines, they should enjoy creamy halo-halo, fried shrimp ukoy, or pinkabet pizza - travelajc.

      Nikki is a journalist writes about travel, lives in New York, USA. She is the founder of The Pin Map project - the site of the top 100 best travel blog world tour in 2015. She and culinary ...

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    The world's most delicious hamburger

    The world's most delicious hamburger is to eat - drink when you come to New Zealand. Fergburger shop in Queenstown, New Zealand is known as the birthplace of the best hamburger in the world, one of the best tourist destinations must visit.

    Not only known as the capital of the adventure game, Queenstown is also the birthplace of the world's best hamburger. When you come here, you're not hard to catch the long line of people lined ...

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    10 airports have the most delicious food over the world

    10 airports have the most delicious food over the world where you shout try to eat and drink if a stop there. A survey by Skytrax, renowned for its page rank aviation, Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan won the airport the world's most delicious food in 2016.

    Travel ajc invite you to roll 10 airports with the most delicious food over the world: 

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    10 street food which you must eat and drink in Hanoi, Viet Nam

    Travel ajc list 10 street food which you must eat and drink in Hanoi, Viet Nam such as Bun oc , Pillow cake, pancake mix ... to the list of items not to be missed tourists coming to Hanoi, instead of enjoying the familiar dishes such as pho, bun cha or bread.

      bun real

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    The most expensive noodles mixed gold in the world

    The most expensive noodles mixed gold in the world  which Travel ajc introduce you. Although noodle bowl only very few fiber, but it comes materials 24 karat gold leaf, truffles, Kobe beef ... has led to a dish in a restaurant Koa (US) cost 'heaven '.

    Koa, a Japanese restaurant in the Flatiron, Manhattan, America was introduced to the guests a bowl of noodles "superior" to the ridiculous price: 180 USD. The reason for this ramen bowl with such a high price because it is combined with Kobe beef, truffles and served with rare pieces of 24-karat gold ...

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    Vietnamese dishes Mesmerized US travelers

    Along with pho, bun cha, fish noodle, bun bo Hue is also mesmerized US visitors to Vietnam. You can eat - drink these dishes in the street cafes on the road or in luxury restaurants.

    Referring to Vietnam cuisine, foreigners usually known pho. But according to Alison Spiegel, an American journalist, it would be remiss to ignore the food "as good as" below:

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    President Barack Obama went to eat Bun cha, Ha Noi

    According to Travel ajc: During his visit to Vietnam, President Obama stopped by Bun cha No. 24, Le Van Huu Street, Hai Ba Trung District to enjoy one of the specialties of Hanoi.

    As soon as US president to believe, the opposite sidewalk shop has hundreds of people waiting. Before the door, inside the shop, many foreign security personnel and Vietnam also closed the entrance stood. While enjoying food presidency, an international crew of about 10 people approached ...

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    Toilet flavorful specialties in Korea

    Hongeo described rotten odor concentration anonymously toilet, is one of the most foul-smelling food world but Koreans are very favorite.

    The fermented dish generally not liked by flavors uncomfortable levels, but for hongeo - specialty in Jeolla Province is totally different. This dish is present in the list of foul-smelling food in the world, and has been described as smelling like rotten toilet concentration anonymously, challenging believers both culinary world's most courageous.

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    Dishes that diners happily queuing 6 hours

    Everybody has to queue for hours, including celebrities such as Kanye West. Even, a tourist couple were married while waiting their turn to be served.

      Franklin Barbecue Restaurants in Austin, Texas, USA, starting a mobile food vehicles named Austin 2009 Chef Aaron Franklin and his wife Stacy. After the sale of smoked beef, pork ribs, pork, turkey for 2 years, they decided to open ...

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