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For those who make a trip to Europe for the first time visited the Combe Laval, this is quite an original track, it seems that it is specially built for cyclists. However, it is a bit wrong.

Travel to Europe for cyclists, extreme

It seems that the high-altitude trail Combe Laval in the Alps was built specifically for cyclists, created for the reason that any trip to Europe , usually accompanied with endless traffic jams, especially in those places where the high-speed track is suitable for large settlements. But at the Combe Laval, you will not find this except in rare cars and tour buses.However, the real things of the Alpine “free breezing” things in such a way that the truth of his existence, is more pragmatic than the same construction of bicycle paths in the center of a European metropolis or modified free bicycle parking somewhere in the center of Paris or London.the-attraction-for-cyclists-or-a-trip-to-europeAnd if you look at this not too distant history Combe Laval, then open these interesting facts that penetrate in the tortuous rocky Alps and safe way, local owners of forest harvesting enterprises forced the need for transportation of felled forests high in the mountains to the processing plants located in Valley. However, having existed since 1987, high-altitude trail Combe Laval, as some transport artery of the French Alps, a few exhausted, because deforestation was so intense that close to two-thousand years in the lumber almost no commercial reserves of wood, and laid a road in the mountains empty.


The second life of the alpine slopes

But, as the proverb says in one “holy place is never empty for a long time” and the empty timber from the tjazhelovoznyh road began to explore the cycling tourists, for whom the journey on the highway Combe Laval was not only a great vacation, but also a kind of test of strength and endurance, both the bicyclist and his two-wheeled “horse.” Indeed, despite the relatively good asphalt covering road, in their relief, it is a pretty difficult challenge for any cyclist.Since that date, Combe Laval tourism in this region of France is developing due to cycling. Not to mention the category of travelers who come here for that would just enjoy unique views of the mountain and make a dozen great photos that are not ashamed to show your friends, or put in a social network on its web page.

How to reach Combe Laval

So how alpine trail Combe Laval is located between two major cities, namely Saint-Jean-en-Royans and the Col de la Machine, reaching one of them on the tour bus from the same Paris, Nice and Leon, and it an average of three hundred kilometers, you can enjoy all the beauties of this corner of the French Alps.

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