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Dalat promises to be the ideal destination for tourists not only by the beauty of wild sunflowers season on each small street, but also in the friendliness and hospitality of the people.

Go walk around dawn and breakfast with specialty cake base

In harmony with the dawn of early morning quiet and pleasant climate in the late fall day, I stroll through the narrow streets to watch the serene beauty of a new day the people here. Dalat morning at the busy and crowded not tourists.

Walking on the narrow streets in the morning was a pleasant experience. You will encounter a sidewalk bakery homely apartment located on Tang Bat Ho, Phan Dinh Phung Bui Thi Xuan, Nguyen Cong Tru. Quan simple bread soup with small square tables chairs alternating ratings, and around the crowded visitors always wait. Guests enjoying the bartender was watching her hands Thoan processed bread.

Dalat flat bread dish is simplicity and familiarity of the people here, bring a unique flavor to make up the totality of both flavor and color. Raw materials make a characteristic in human food is varied from egg cakes to minced meat, squid, shrimp. When you enjoy, you dip the cup cakes in hot sauce to taste sweet smell of the greasy dish with the onion, and spicy peppers and shumai dissolved in the mouth.

Drinking coffee, watching the lake,

Tuyen Lam Lake, close to downtown Dalat 7 km and 2 km from Datanla waterfall. Tuyen Lam is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, located at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level. It has many beautiful and fascinating tours. The lake has many small islands and is surrounded by pine forests to vast. Enjoy a cup of coffee and sit and watch the lake, late autumn day will give visitors many new feeling of Dalat, is an exciting experience that you can not ignore in this November.

Stop enjoying coffee in a lovely restaurant along the road, in the melodious music will bring an unforgettable experience. Quan here are very nice decorated with flower color space filled and airy nature blend together. Guests will feel peaceful cup of coffee while enjoying the pool in cool weather and fog shy table.

Truc Lam

Monastery is located next to the lake, from the center of Da Lat City 5 km, is surrounded by flower gardens are brightly colored. Two roadside in the monastery's towering pine forests immense. This is not only the largest monastery in Lam Dong, but also the sights and absorb many tourists both domestic and international. Monastery is one of the largest monasteries in Vietnam under the Truc Lam Yen Tu line, with an area of ​​30 ha.

You can visit the monastery in 4 areas: Net loss zone monk, Venerable Abbot, regional foreign aid, internal sections. Area gardens are sights not to be missed. It has a lot of beautiful flowers like cotton Australia, trash and hydrangeas, or a tiger claw flower truss travelers enjoy taking pictures as a souvenir.

Lake Retreat is located close to a wide variety of garden turtle breeding scene. Water in the lake is always in green throughout the year, surrounded by lots of benches for visitors to relax hut.

Coming to Dalat Truc Lam This November, you can admire the landscape firsthand here from Phoenix mountain overlooking the lake, green. Also visit the pagoda, visitors want to experience the tour can register to discover the beauty face the lake, with the vast, full of information islets or watching Dalat from above the cable car system linking Pass Robin with meditation hospital. Do not forget to walk in a peaceful setting and record beautiful moments of Truc Lam.

These wild sunflowers road

Earlier in November, the city's laneways love becoming increasingly brilliant and warmer when covered with bright yellow color new species wild sunflowers. That is motivating the players and guests love phượt flowers to admire. Gemstones are wildflowers but rare beauty and vitality amidst nature.

Wild sunflowers symbolizes faithful love, expressed staunch never succumb. These flowers appear in many places, but to be able to sense a golden color that spreads across the road, only Dalat.

The most appropriate time to photograph wild sunflowers are 9-10h or about 15-17h. That is when the sun does not dazzle, yellow flowers and blooming nursery. You can catch the sun in golden nursery anywhere, from inside the city on the pretty small villa, to the roads radiate every direction.

Explore Prenn

Prenn majestic and most spectacular when in the gateway city of Dalat. Deo Lam Dong Province, Dalat is located from the center about 10 km with 11 km length. Winding road passes very beautiful. Flanked by lush pine forests and the cascade of data contributing to the cool climate of the flower city.

Dalat tourism, you certainly can not ignore the experience of Prenn majestic and beautiful, like a painting vivid middle of thousands. Visitors to Dalat are hired motorcycles traveling on the same street to feel the full charm of it. Prenn moderate slope, many turning points but soft. Special Pass with stunning views of the mountain town. Two roadside green grass, pine trees towering wind vu like love song

Guests like to explore new things can not ignore the stop to visit the haunted mansion full of mysteries in Prenn once caused an uproar. However now this villa called friendly names like Villa Prenn or white villa.

Deo also go through a very famous destination of Dalat Prenn. Guests can experience the beauty of the waterfall flowing as diurnal rhythm to music welcomes you to visit Dalat.

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