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    Series of tours discounts at travel festival

    Series of tours discounts at travel festiva if you have deals with travel agency the next timel. Preferential rates to 50% applies to European travelers, such as France, Italy and Southeast Asia tour.

      This is a special promotion at the "Festival TransViet tourism - Dance 20s", held on 2-3 / 7 at the Youth Cultural House, Pham Ngoc Thach 4A, HCMC, with priority opportunities deals up to 50% for ticket buyers at ...

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    • 498 days ago
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    Planning to travel to Hong Kong for 3 days

    Travel ajc would like to suggest you plan to travel to Hong Kong for 3 days. If you have deals with a travel agent, they will surely get more promotional and good support for this trip.

    Thanks to the public transport system works everywhere and constantly 24/24 that the visitors do not take too much time to explore Hong Kong.  

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    • 503 days ago
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    The tours in the summer should not be ignored

    Conquering Fansipan, go to Tam Giang Lagoon, or enjoy sightseeings in Da Lat - fog city ... will be the destination you should not ignore this summer. Travel ajc would like to introduce some fascinating information to tourists.

    This summer, TST Tourist launched several journey to discover interesting and abroad. Guests will feel the uniqueness of the destination, the difference of the quality of services and preferential policies, attractive promotions.With 3 ...

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    • 508 days ago
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    Airlines are busy with summer flights

    This summer, travelers can fly directly from Vietnam to many world-famous cities such as Istanbul, Auckland, Sihanoukville.

    Travel ajc share more information about opening new flights: When European travelers are somewhat apprehensive about the routes are in Asia, tourists are plenty of airlines to increase flights, diverse routes and services to ...

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    • 512 days ago
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    Direct flight to Phuket priced from 9.99 million VND

    It only takes about 2 hours of flight, you will come to the beautiful island of Phuket, Thailand for a discount. If you have deals with vietravel during this time, you definitely will get a lot of incentives. 

    Following the success of the charter flights (charter) from Can Tho, Hue, Da Nang, Vinh to Bangkok (Thailand); Fukushima (Japan) cherry blossom viewing, Sanya (China) ... from July, Vietravel combined with organizational ...

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    • 516 days ago
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    Incentives for golfers throughout the week on top of Ba Na, Viet Nam

    Also enjoy the poetic beauty of nature Bana, golfers have the opportunity to conquer the trials and receive preferential treatment when deals with Ba Na Hills Golf Club.

    The program "Summer Promotions" takes place from now until 30/7 is one of the activities of the Ba Na Hills Golf Club to create more opportunities for golfers to discover top ...

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    • 548 days ago
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    Japan trip by yacht 5 stars

    From the yacht, guests see firsthand the ancient beauty mixed with a modern suite of mourning country.

    See more " Enjoy a unique homestay holiday on the Co To Island " >> Japan has a strong attraction for visitors by unique culture and diverse, colorful nature, romance through ...

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    • 591 days ago
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    Haiku - 'ladder to heaven' in Hawaii

    At an altitude of more than 800m, the rhythm Haiku winding staircase hidden in the clouds makes visitors feel like you are lost in wonderland.

      Haiku ladder is a long walking path located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii (USA). It's like a giant ladder mounted on the southern slopes of the valley to the summit Koolaus Haiku. At an altitude of over 800 ...

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    • 597 days ago
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    Attractive destination for people with tight budgets

    Although you are not financially well-off, you can still travels the world with intelligent choice as to China, Nepal, India or Thailand.

    See more I go travel over the wolrd 

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    • 600 days ago
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    Discover the 3 best beautiful cities in India

    Not only famous for the earliest traces of human civilization, the cradle of Eastern spirituality, India is also known for the city of "color" in the world as ranked by Travel & Leisure Magazine as pink city Jaipur, the capital city green and red Arga Delhi.

      India 7 day cruise of Vietrantour, 9/2 day of departure; 22/2; 10/3; 26/3 31.8 million cost will take you to discover the most beautiful 3 Indian cities this.

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